The journey!!


Blimey after leaving BHX 45 mins late & arriving at Dubai our plane was then put out of action & a substitute was sent, which then had a technical fault which they didn’t tell us until we were on the plane & then left us sitting in the heat for over 2 hours!!!

We then arrived only 1 hour before our connecting flight to be told they’d moved us to a later flight so now we’re sitting in the departure lounge waiting for our flight to Cairns when we should already have arrived there!!
The alternative plane was terrible & after sitting on it for nearly 17 hours we we’re sick of it. It was hot & little legroom.

We can’t wait to get to the hotel & have a shower.
We may cancel our trip to The Great Barrier Reef tomorrow as we think we’ll be too tired after nearly 48 of hardly any sleep.

We also missed the WBA match last night & have just found out they lost!! Typical!!

Next stop Cairns!

Click here to see some gorgeous in flight pictures.

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