November 2013.

A date for my diary.


We’re heading back off to AUSTRALIA!!!

When we went in 2010/2011 it was the trip of a lifetime (read all about it here),

it lived up to everything we expected it to be.

The people, the places we visited, the sights we saw & the experiences we had will live with us always, but & yes there’s always a but, there is so much we didn’t see, & even a few things we want to do again. Oh yeah that’s mainly The Ashes as our trip will yet again coincide with the Melbourne & Sydney tests!!

We are going to be doing it slightly different this time, we’re not touring in a campervan for 1 thing, but we’re glad we did it the 1st time round.

We’re planning on spending a week near to Cairns in Port Douglas as we only quickly passed through Cairns at the very start of our trip & we’ve been told it’s an amazing place to visit.

We also want to spend some time in Adelaide, after only managing to spend a few hours there with some fantastic friends who acted as our tour guides for our whistle stop visit whilst travelling through on the Indian Pacific train.

Melbourne will also get our company for a little longer this time & we hope to see a bit more of the city than the inside of the MCG, Federation Square & the casino complex, although the latter 2 are a little bit blurred cos of the amount of alcohol consumed!!

Sydney will be our last stop where we will see in the New Year & the spend a few day’s at the SCG!

Nothing can re-create the amazing emotions we had when we retained The Ashes, & i’m sure it will be a total anti climax but we’re willing to take that risk!

I’ll keep you up dated on our progress, but we can’t actually make any concrete plans until next March when the flight schedules are released but knowing that we have everything more or less sorted will make things a lot easier.

Now for the hard sell …………… lol

Do you know of a company/brand who would like us to promote your company/brand whilst we’re in Australia?

I will be doing  regular blog posts during our trip, including twitter & facebook updates.

Please feel free to contact me & we can have a chat to see if we can work together on this trip.

Also anyone want to come & doggy sit my choccy lab whilst we’re away?? I’ve looked at professional sitters & boy am I in the wrong job!!

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  1. sue willshee says:

    Oooh I’m so jealous! We were in Australia over Australia day in 2010 and we had the most amazing time.
    We wanted to see the cricket and although there was plenty of cricket on during the time we were there were kept missing matches because everytime we moved on the cricket would go to where we’d just been! We went from Perth to Melbourne and as we left Perth the cricket arrived. Then we left Melbourn for Sydney and the Australian Open tennis was on in Melbourne…..
    Ah well, we didn’t really go for the sport, it just would have been the icing on the cake to spend some time in the sun watching sport.
    One of my favourite experiences while we were in Australia was visiting Tangalooma Resort and hand feeding the pod of wild dolphins that swims into the bay each night – an amazing exerience.
    I can bore for England on our Oz adventure. I wish I was going back….do you need anyone to carry your bags 😉

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