The Planning

Ok so we’ve been planing this trip for a few years now & finally it’s coming round really fast!

We leave the UK on Tuesday 30th November from Birmingham International at around 8pm. After a connecting flight from Brisbane to Cairns we visit the Great Barrier Reef and then spend 3 weeks in a camper van travelling from Cairns to Melbourne stopping at various places on the way.

We then spend nearly a week in Melbounre with some amazing friends & celebrate Christmas with them. Whilst we are in Melbourne we are going to the MCG to watch game four of The Ashes!

We then fly to Sydney where we stay in a hotel for New Year. During our time in Sydney we will have 2 days at game 5 of the Ashes at the SCG before catching The Indian Pacific Train to Perth.

We then spend our final 20 days just outside Perth in Safety Bay (Rockingham area} before sadly flying home!

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