Dad, it’s not Goodbye, it’s, Till We Meet Again. 
On Monday we said our farewell’s to our dad. Funeral’s are never easy and they are especially difficult when it’s your only surviving parent. The memories of mum also came flooding back.

Till We Meet Again.

My Dad


The service was a Thanksgiving Service for dad’s life. We’d had a private service at the crematorium prior to the church.

We knew the church was going to be well attended, but that it was going to be very difficult. Sitting with your back to the congregation, you couldn’t take in just how many people were there, it was my cousin who said she realised just how many people were there when the signing started, their voices rang through the church.

My very brave uncle, my mum’s twin read the eulogy and even though he struggled at times, he did dad and us all proud. I know for a fact I could never do that. Fact!

My cousin and her husband put together a montage of pictures which were projected onto the front wall of the church, it’s so lovely to see him through the years. Thank you Jo and Phil.

Everyone kept saying we did him proud. But it was him, being him that made us proud. As many said he was a true gent and a friend to all. Nothing was too much trouble for him. If he could do it, he would. He seemed to be able to turn his hand to nearly every job going …………. and judging by the “bit’s and bob’s” he’s got stored in the garage, he had everything he needed to complete any type of job, be it plumbing, woodwork, electrical!

I was given, by a very dear and old friend, the most wonderful card. It’s by a company called “Inspired Goodbyes” None of us had seen a card like it before. Forget the “Sympathy” cards, this is a card for your memories. It reduced us to tears when I read it after dad’s funeral. This is such a lovely idea and memories that I will cherish.

Inspired Goodbyes.

The amount of cards we have received has been immense and the reading just what dad meant to his friends and our family, means so much.

Dad has left us with so many memories, every so often a different memory pops into my head and makes me chuckle or cry. But those memories are so special to me and no-one can ever take those away from me. Some I will share but others will stay between me and my dad.

Mum and Dad, we will NEVER forget you. You live on within us.
Till We Meet Again.

Till We Meet Again


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  1. Val says:

    Lovely words for your Dad.. I have no doubt your parents were both very proud of you Ness as you are such a kind and caring person. Sounds like you are “a chip off the old block” as they say, at least here in Canada! lol

    Take care my friend, Val

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