Truprint Collage Canvas:-


Truprint kindly gave me credits for a  20×24 collage canvas print. I decided to pick a variety of pictures that we had taken whilst in Australia.

It allowed me to choose up to 15 pictures to include in the collage. I chose 11 pictures as I wanted them to be a bit bigger. It was really easy, you can choose where each picture goes or you can click for it to be random and even then move each picture to suit you.

I chose a brown background for the collage as we have a very pale wallpaper and I wanted it to stand out and also my carpet is various brown stripes so it tied it all in. There are so many choices of background colour you are sure to find the right background for you.

Truprint Collage Print

I tired to choose a mixture of pictures from a variety of places we had visited and that hold great memories, a few you will immediately recognise, Sydney Opera House, the Harbour bridge, The Blue Lake, The Yarra ( and MCG!), Flinders Street Clocks

I ordered this as a surprise for Ian to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary which sadly was a damp squib as Ian was ill with flu 🙁 but at least we’ve got a lovely picture to look at even if we spent the day practically apart!

It arrived in a couple of days and was very well packaged, the canvas is a good quality and the pictures are reproduced exactly as they looked when I chose them. The packing also includes all the hanging fittings you need.

You can find out more about Truprint here,  and check out all their fantastic products.

Disclosure:- I was given credits from Truprint to purchase this collage print FOC but all opinions are my own honest opinions.

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