Tune Hotel Melbourne Review

Tune Hotel offer a low cost concept of hotels, they are basic, standard rooms where you can pay for extras. But trust me there is nothing basic or standard about the service or quality you get from Tune Hotel.

We were kindly offered a night in the Tune Hotel Melbourne which is just on the edge of the CBD near to Chinatown.
It was within easy walking distance of the main city, although the tram stops right outside if you fancy catching one.

Tune Hotel Melbourne
The room itself we has was on the 3rd floor, with only a view over the buildings next door, but as we weren’t intending spending too much time looking out the window it didn’t matter to us.
There is parking on site,  it’s limited and $15 per 1 night stay, city parking isn’t cheap in Melbourne but in all honesty you don’t need a car as you are so close to the trams you can just hop on when you what to.

The concept is very similar to a budget airline, you pay the basic price and then add any extras you want to. You can add a towel package, a media package, which includes tv and internet, a breakfast package or all of them.
We were very lucky to have been given all of them, which was unexpected but it was very welcome.
The towel came in a handy shopping bag and inside was a bar of soap and some shampoo, the towel was lovely and soft and the soap and shampoo where a really nice quality.
Now for the room, well it’s compact but the bed was SO comfy, it was the best nights sleep I’ve had in a hotel bed for a long time, the tv was crystal clear with plenty of channels to choose from.

Tune Hotel Melbourne

My only gripe if there has to be something, I sleep on the right hand side of the bed and it was VERY close to the wall and the curtains so getting up in the night was a bit of a challenge!
There was a hanging rack with coat hangers and a luggage rack.

Tune Hotel Melbourne

The shower was 5* in every sense of the word, it was a great power shower with plenty of room in cubicle.

Tune Hotel Melbourne

Ian is a little over enthusiastic when it comes to showering and found it did leak a bit of water under the door, but that was all. The bathroom door has no lock on it and can swing either in or out ………..
The only problem was the room doors, they were very noisy when you opened them (but since staying in another hotel we have found that they also have very noisy doors!) and we were lucky there didn’t seem to be anyone in the rooms opposite us so it didn’t worry us but a friend who also stayed in the Tune for a couple of days had said he’d noticed the noise from other rooms.
He’s actually stayed in Tune hotels before and had no qualms about staying in the Melbourne Tune Hotel. He said he is more than happy with each Tune Hotel he’s stayed in and always checks to see if there is one locally before he books anywhere else.
The hotel hasn’t got it’s restaurant up and running yet but it has a cafe which serves the breakfast which was really nice, egg, bacon, on a slice of toasted bread, with cherry tomatoes and salad! Yes I did say salad, which was odd for breakfast and which we felt was a little over the top.
The Tune has a laundry room with washers and dryers and a space to do your ironing.

All in all the hotel was great and it’s a fantastic idea for the penny conscious traveller who wants comfort at a reasonable price.

The girls and I have talked about having a weekend away in London and I will definitely be looking at the Tune Hotels there as they are perfect for what we want.

The concept works well on all levels, you pay for what you want, in most hotels you don’t utilise half of the facilities they offer so this way you choose what you want to suit you. Perfect.

Thank you to the Tune Hotel for a great night and it certainly won’t be the last time we stay with you. How about a few more hotels in Europe?

Tune Hotel Melbourne offers double rooms from 65AUD (approx £35). For more information or to book please visit: www.tunehotels.com/uk

Disclosure:- We stayed at the Tune Hotel for the purpose of this review but all opinions are our own honest opinions.

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