I’ll be the first to admit I rarely do the washing in our house. Ian does most of it, so whilst he was away this last weekend it was a good excuse for me to try out the power of Vanish.

Vanish sent me three products to test.


1x Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder (1.4kg)
1x Vanish Gold Pre-Treat Power Gel
1x Vanish Power shot Carpet Stain Remover

I knew my “white” jacket needed a good clean so I tested out the spot stick and the powder.


You can see the marks on my jacket, I used the piece of paper to hopefully show the difference in whiteness after washing.


The Pre Treat Power Gel is perfect for clothes stains, It’s easy to apply and has nobbles on the top which you use to agitate the gel and start it working.
After leaving it to work it’s magic for about 20mins, I popped it on a 30º wash, that’s the temp we (read that as Ian) always use and I was keen to see if it did actually work. I put a scoop of the Vanish Gold Oxi Action Powder in the drawer and left the machine to do it’s work.

Having dried my jacket, I had to wait till this morning to do a comparison, and although the light wasn’t as good as yesterday (who stole the sun?) I’m sure you can see the difference.


The stains have gone and the whole jacket looks a lot brighter and although it’s got blue lettering on, the Vanish hasn’t affected that at all.

No this doesn’t mean I’ll be doing the washing more often, but I will be telling Ian to use the pre treat gel and the powder in the wash.

I haven’t tried the carpet and stain remover as we’re having our room decorated soon and it would be a waste of product to use it before the work is done.

Disclaimer:- I was sent a variety of Vanish products for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own honest opinions.


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