I normally epilate my legs and underarms, but I do tend to have hair removal cream on stand-by for those moments when you need to be quick. Veet sent me some hair removal cream and some waxing strips.

Veet is a leading brand on the hair removal circuit but the one thing I always remember is the strong smell that’s associated with the cream.

VeetEven from the initial look I could see Veet had changed, the packaging is much more inviting and the word “Natural” certainly stood out.
It states on the packaging of the cream that “It is specially formulated with a refreshing fragrance and Grape Seed Oil of natural origin, known for its softening properties.”

As with all chemical products, you need to do a patch test. This is vitally important regardless if you have been using a certain product for years. Ingredients can be changed slightly, people can suddenly have a reaction to something they’ve never reacted to before and there’s nothing worse than an allergic reaction.

I did my test and was pleased I had no reaction, but then I decided not to do a large area as we don’t go away for a few weeks so I just did a small patch so I could monitor the hair growth and see if it would actually get me through a 2 week holiday.

It’s now been just about a week and a half since I used it and so far so good. There does appear to be a bit of hair coming through, but it’s seems softer and not overly bristly.

I haven’t tried the wax strips as yet as after having my arm op, my pain threshold is a little on edge and I can’t put a lot of pressure on with my left arm to be confident to pull them off!
But they look nice and easy to use, the instructions are nice and straightforward and even better they are easy to read! Included in the box are little packets of an oil based finishing wipe tissues to help to remove any stubborn bits of wax and it also helps to reduce any redness and keeps the skin soft.
The wax strips themselves contain  Aloe Vera to help moisturise the skin. Each strip can be used multiple times until they lose their stickiness. 1 pack contains 20 strips, enough to do 2 waxings of both half legs.

Disclosure:- I was sent the Veet products FOC for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own and honest opinions.

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