We all know just how stressful Christmas can be and also how hard it is to find that “perfect” gift, so I’ve put together a few ideas, that maybe a little different for you to look at,

Wellbeing is the overall title as it covers many topics within it’s broad range.



Michelin starred Kinloch Lodge Hotel Isle of Skye has a range of luxury escapes that will indulge and pamper your loved one. Choose from Wonderful Winter Escapes, Gastronomic Getaways, Pampering Packages and Wilderness Adventures.

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Wonderful Winter Escapes start from £99*pp per night including a five course dinner and breakfast

 Pamper Packageinclude two treatments and an exquisite Kinloch Lodge lunch and glass of fizz. From £348pp** for two nights including five course dinner, bed & breakfast, treatments and lunch.

To get your tailor-made gift voucher contact Kinloch Lodge on 01471 833333 reservations@kinloch-lodge.co.uk


  • Gastronomic Getaways – a chance to cook alongside Kinloch’s head chef preparing items for that day’s menu.  A real insight into the workings of a Michelin starred kitchen.  Prices are £99 per person (not including accommodation and based on two people attending).
  • Cookery demonstrations – courtesy of best-selling cookery writer lady Claire Macdonald, the three night residential demonstration starts from £600pp** and includes five course dinner, bed and breakfast plus two cookery demonstrations.
  • Outdoor Pursuits package – for those that want to work up an appetite this package includes a full day with wilderness guide Skye Ghillie, a Visit Scotland ambassador. Can include fishing, forgaing and tracking otters, eagles and red deer. From £278pp** for two nights including five course dinner, breakfast and one day wilderness adventure

All prices are based on two sharing a double or twin room

*November to March excluding Christmas and New Year

**Depending on room and time of year


Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body: Relaxation Training CD (or download)

Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body

Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body is not a typical relaxation CD that relaxes the listener for a short time during the session itself.  It is far more exhaustive with longer-lasting results.  This structured three-step, minirelaxation course, teaches you to achieve and maintain a relaxed state, at will, at any time.  It provides you with hands-on control over your own relaxation, whenever and wherever you need it.

It condenses a unique combination of Antonia Boyle’s experience acquired over 40 years of teaching yoga, relaxationand meditation to groups and individuals. Her modern methods incorporate cutting-edge techniques developed to achieve and maintain a relaxed state at will, drawing on the powerful techniques of NLP.  NLP is a practical, direct approach to human psychology and Antonia has used this to great effect in Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body.

The many benefits of relaxation have been well researched and scientifically proven. Relaxation is perhaps the single most important key to health & wellbeing and the best antidote to stress.

A CD of Untangle Your Mind – Relax Your Body retails for £10.00 (incl. P&P), with the download at £8.00

Antonia Boyle, is an NLP, yoga, relaxation & health specialist who works with individuals, corporate bodies and the NHS.  Antonia created Alpha Waves in 1985 and now offers a comprehensive package of NLP & stress-management to help clients manage their lives and achieve a more relaxed way of living.

A Facial Gym based in London.

Here Alina explains more:

I own unique business- Facial Gym. There we fight wrinkles, puffines, double chins, tension without any equipment, creams or botox. Hands only. 

So I thought as we always (especially women) decide to start something new from Christmas or New Year, your readers would be amazed and inspired to see that there is a possibility not only start exercising to get ready for bikini season, but finally get all enemies from their faces without buying all creams and booking appointment for botox or surgery.

So this could be an adventurous gift for themselves, friends or mummies. We could create gift cards, for example.
There is a bit more about how we achieve that lovely miracle. First of all, 3 massages which we do to achieve face transformation are absolutely different from any facial and the feeling and reflection in the mirror straight after the session are as never before. So people would be amazed by this unique opportunity to enjoy in London (I am the first one in UK) and also those who are concerned about staying young and healthy would be over the moon as I teach all that stuff to them if we go ahead.
Facial Gym
To check more BEFORE/AFTER pictures please see http://www.facialgym.co.uk/results/ .
Warm regards,

iFit 3-in-1 Fitness Band


iFit Active is your constant companion, providing you insight into and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle. It works around the clock every single day to track your calories, activity, and sleep, providing you with only the most current and accurate information at any given time.

Launching in the UK in December 2014, the iFit 3-in-1 Active Band is the first of its type to enable users to directly input their calorie intake into the band itself, as well as allowing users to input calories via their iFit.com app.

A real-time net calorie total is presented on the wearable LED display, so you’ll know if you’re burning and consuming calories in a healthy, harmful, or weight loss range, keeping you on track at all times. iFit then uses your net calorie information to prescribe individually customised workouts to help you reach your daily goals.

Users are able to wirelessly sync indoor workouts from iFit enabled home and club fitness equipment, outdoor running and cycling routes and any other daily activity. The band automatically switches from activity to sleep mode, recording your sleep time and patterns.

You can wear it as a wristband, clip it, or carry it in your pocket all day and night for a personal calorie counter, fitness tracker and motivator – all in one. Plus, since the band is designed to be water-resistant, there’s no need to worry – whether you’re swimming, in the shower or caught in rainfall.

With the iFit Active, there’s no reason to leave fitness behind. Active is your gateway to living a better life the right way, helping you achieve your health goals.

iFit app
iFit is a revolutionary fitness app which activates your fitness equipment with workouts powered by Google Maps, enabling you to create your own routes, track all your workouts, and choose from hundreds of exclusive training programmes. 

The tech-spec
The band has an impressive array of technical features to make getting fit as slick and easy as possible, such as:

  • Up to seven-days battery life, with USB charging
  • Bluetooth 4.0 communication
  • Mobile/tablet apps available on Android and Apple
  • Built-in vibration
  • LCD screen
  • Water-resistant design

The iFit Active is available in black, white, grey, teal, salmon pink and blue.

The iFit active fitness band retails at £99, with additional bands and clips retailing at £15.95. The band will be available December 2014 at NordicTrack.co.uk.

 HoMedics has a great range of gifts to suit all  genders and ages. See my post here.

Westin Gourmet

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