Wingz wont help you to fly, but they will make you look amazing, they change the look of so many tops and dresses.

Wingz™ Fashion Arm Coverage – Sleeves for Dresses

Wingz kindly let me choose a, well I’m not sure exactly what to call it, but it’s a pair of sleeves, for want of a better word (**you can read the passage below for more info from the company). I did have quite a few giggles whilst trying to put it on, yes I managed to put it on upside down initially!

Once I’d figured it out I was pleasantly surprised how comfy it actually felt, it didn’t really feel like you were wearing it but it really transformed the way tops looked. I chose the Black Chiffon Flare Wingz™. They come in numerous colours and 4 sizes 0-3 (UK 6-28 USA 4-26 EU 34-56) and lots of different styles and fabrics including viscose, chiffon and lace, loose sleeves, cold shoulder and ¾ sleeves.

I tried it on with the dress I wore last year and really wish I’d had them then. This is a pic as the dress was without sleeves

This is what it looks like with the Wingz under (It’s not easy to take a 1 handed selfie trust me!) 

I love how it completely changes the look of an outfit. Wingz still make it look smart, but it also means it’s versatile, I could even wear the white chiffon Wingz with this dress.

Now this t-shirt will only work with the black, but I think it would be better in the lace or viscose,

Yes I will be buying some more so I can mix and match.

Fancy a discount???

Go to Wingz™ and choose as many as you fancy (some are on sale at the moment) and use the code FRIEND to get a massive 20% discount on your total bill until the end of May. 

Standard Delivery is £2.49 and seems to be for multiple items.

** Wingz™ sleeves for dresses are the perfect arm covers that transform your outfit or dress. As Wingz™ do not add another layer to your outfit they give the effect of a lace or chiffon arm dress and can replicate the look of a shrug without the extra bulk. Plus size lace and chiffon shrugs for evening dresses can be particularly difficult to find and conditions can make wearing cardigans, shrugs or boleros uncomfortable. Wingz™ offer an alternative that completely shows off your evening dress and adds stylish sleeves to your look.


Disclaimer:- I was sent my Wingz FOC for the purpose of this review but my opinion is honest and has not been influenced.

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