We love a bit of winter sun, although we don’t normally go away quite this early in the year, but after the last 2 years we needed to get away and chill. Boots asked if I would like to try some of their healthcare products to help keep our skin and bodies in tip-top condition.

We all know how bad the sun is for our skin and it’s important to take care not to burn, because not only can it cause skin cancer, it’s also very painful when you do burn.



Even in the UK, we still need to protect our skin from the UV rays, the sun is very deceiving, when your abroad you can feel the heat, but here it takes a wee bit longer for it to penetrate, but that doesn’t mean it wont cause you problems.

Thailand was our choice for our last holiday, somewhere we’ve never been before. We knew it would be hot, although the weather had been a bit mixed before we went and I also knew that mosquitoes could be a problem, so the healthcare kit from Boots was very welcome.

I didn’t use all the products that were included, due to Ian having sensitive skin and only being able to use 1 brand of sun cream and my skin just being stupid! There’s not many people who actually burn from the suncream, rather than it protecting you is there???

Soltan Lip Balm

The lip balm was very welcome and it was used multiple times by both of us every day, especially whilst we were on a boat trip. It saved dried out, burnt lips and even better it’s  30 SFP, so we know we’re being well protected.

I did use the Boots Once Face Moisturising Suncare Cream 30 SFP on Ian’s head/hair 1 day and found it massaged in really easily and didn’t feel too greasy. It’s a must for men, women and children alike to make sure your head is protected, men it tends to be a little more obvious where they need it, but with women and children it’s important that partings are covered also. If  suncream is good enough to put on your skin, then it’s good enough to put on your head. 
I’ve seen some people, children mainly who have had braids whilst away, end up with sunstroke and badly burnt heads from over exposure and not protection being used. Please DO NOT ignore the scalp.

Insect Repellent

Phi Phi Island, a mosquito haven.

The Aftersun with insect repellent and the Repel Tropical Strength Insect Repellent spray was a must especially when we stayed on Phi Phi Island, the setting was lovely, but a massive haven for the mosquitoes, who love me! I did end up with a couple of bites, as did Ian, but that was from our evening walk along the beach, but certainly not the amount we would’ve had if we hadn’t had the double protection.
The Aftersun was easily absorbed into the skin and didn’t have a strong smell, just a regular moisturiser smell. The Insect repellent spray was a lot stronger initially after spraying it, but the smell didn’t linger and i didn’t feel like I was going out with Eau de Insect Repellent as my perfume! 


The Boots Protect and Repel range (excluding aftersun) has won 2017 Product of the Year.

Disclosure:- I was sent a Winter Sun Healthcare pack from Boots for the purpose of this review, but all opinions are my own honest opinions. A couple of the products remained unused so I have not made comment on these.

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